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Good tires are a necessity even in perfect road conditions. You never know what mother nature will throw at you when someone could slam on their brakes in front of you. Come in to Snyder's Tire Works in Crestline, CA today for a free tire check. We can handle anything you have, whether it's a simple repair or a complete tire replacement.


Your car needs regular maintenance in order for it to continue working properly. From smog inspections, brake checks, and oil changes - stop by today to get your car checked out to make sure that your car stays running perfectly. If there is something wrong, then you can rest assured that we will give you all of the facts and provide multiple repair options if applicable. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Tire Mileage Warranty

Road hazards are everywhere. It doesn't matter if it's a nail on the floor of your own garage or a shard of glass in the middle of a highway, your tires are at risk constantly of being punctured. This is especially true if you drive in a construction zone. Luckily, Hercules brand tires offer industry leading mileage and road hazard warranties. Hercules offers many different models of tires that are still made here in the USA.

Who We Are

We will keep your car in good working condition with products and services from our repair facility in Crestline, CA. Family owned and operated Snyder's Tireworks is a full service automotive & tire repair shop. We have a team of in-house technicians ready to service and repair your vehicle quickly and affordably with services you can trust. We also provide Factory Scheduled Maintenance for all makes and models to provide your vehicle with what it needs for its best performance.
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